The Life of Lindell Hunter

  Hi my name is Lindell D. Hunter I was born in Suffolk Virginia .I was raised in a Small town called Whaleysville Virginia .I was raised by my grandmothers Alma Hunter  and Eloise Goodman . I was build on the principles of respect leadership and entrepreneurship . I am the Founder/CEO of Ba9nas  ….

The Confidence Father Profile :

The Confidence Father Profile: Building a legacy with another proud father . Meet the Owner of Celebration Express : Mike Parham

Walking with the family.

Having a amazing walk with my Mom & daughter . Man I’ve come a long ways . I love my mother and all her greatest.

@ Yankee Stadium

What a life !!!!  @ Yankee Stadium The Food Fun and great people. I always told myself I would never come to New York . Well never say never. I live 18 miles from the Halem Tunnel. My office is located on Wall Street . Can you get more New York then that ?

SmallTown Thinker 

Im from in a small town called Whaleyville Virginia . I lived in a section of the town called the Bottom. Sometimes I think because of the name of the area that  I was a bottom thinker . I wanted to change that my way of thinking when left the area because I view it…